Surgery on Vogue 1119

I'm sorry, Ms. Karan, but to save the life of this dress, we are going to have to amputate. 

I often think that I should have been a surgeon.  It would have been a way to use my sewing skills for the greater good.  But alas, I don't like being in or even near hospitals, sick people, and especially hospital food.  Thus, surgery on my clothes is about as close as I'm going to get.

In culling the herd in my closet, I came across this dress that I made last September.  It is Vogue 1119, a Donna Karan pattern, and only wore it once.  Why only once?  I'm not sure- the print was pretty ugly, and I'm not sure that the fit was right.  The asymmetrical waistline seam hit me at my widest part.  But the fabric was a silk knit, the only silk knit dress that I have, so I decided I must try to save it.

So, I cut the skirt off of the top to make separates.  The top is really short now in the back, so I could only serge the edge to finish it.  The skirt needed to be pulled up to my waist to get it to fit, so I made one more pleat in it, and secured it with two snaps from the Snap Source.   Luckily, it still isn't too short on me.

What do you think?  It certainly has a lot more possibilities now.  Here is the top with a black skirt.
Here is the skirt with a t-shirt and cardigan.  The print is still ugly, but there is less of it to deal with all at once.

 I think I like it a lot better, but only time will tell.  At least, I've given it 6 more months to live.


  1. BIG improvement, I really like the change. So frustrating when a lovely dress just doesn't come out as lovely as you'd hoped.

  2. Very clever! Australian Stitches had an article last year where one of the editors did something similar with a dated dress. The separates look great on you.

  3. Looks great, very clever.



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