Little Black Dress contest

Believe it or not, I have never owned a LBD (Little Black Dress).  Unfortunately, my lifestyle has never included cocktail parties or formal dinners where I would ever need one.  However, now is sponsoring a Little Black Dress contest which is tempting me.   As I become an empty-nester next year, perhaps, just perhaps, an occasion to wear a LBD may arise, and wouldn't it be nice to have one all ready to go?
So, after my last foray into Vogue's designer patterns, I'm feeling sassy and would like another challenging design.  So many to choose from, but I'm leaning heavily towards this Vogue 1176  designed by Michael Kors.  It has a great integrated bow that you can see better in the line drawing. 

I'm thinking of making it out of some solid black silk shantung.  I'm sure that bow is going to be a little tricky, but I think that the dress is age appropriate for me, and hopefully a good shape for my body.  It would be fun to accessorize too.  Maybe a little clutch like the leopard one from Vogue 8527?

And maybe a nice wrap from a flocked sheer silk chiffon from Vogue 7161?  Now, I'm just getting ahead of myself here.  Let's see if I can get the LBD made first!

Anyone else interested in this contest?  It runs from September 15th-October 14th.

What patterns do you think would make a great LBD?

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  1. I like the little black dress idea. I am a big fan of the Little black dress, I think i own at least 4. I love your blog, and it is cool to find a talented seamstress not in New York but right in IL where I live also. I am bookmarking this to stay in contact. Do you belong to any local sewing guilds, or groups. I would love to here about it. I am looking for a sewing community and have had some good luck on line. Check me out at


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