We interrupt this sewing blog for.....Spring!

I just have to depart from sewing talk, and share some images from my garden today.  It's just sooo beautiful.
White Bleeding Heart

Purple Tulips- these used to be solids, but now have developed feathered petal sports.

White Crabapple Tree and Purple Sandcherry-I love the contrast of these together.

Littleleaf Lilac-this is the best lilac ever- it repeat blooms in the summer

Charles Joly Lilac-outstanding French lilac variety that never fails to produce big, beautiful blooms.

Sensation Lilac- a stunning bicolored hybrid- has little lilac smell.

Lavender Azalea

Flower Arrangement by my daughter

Hope your Spring is as beautiful, wherever you are!



  1. Oh how I wish I had lilacs! These are all SO gorgeous.

  2. love lilacs. I was out walking the other night hoping to get my braxton hicks contractions to calm down. They didn't but I did get to enjoy neighborhood lilacs that are starting to bloom. I love this time of year!

  3. beautiful photos! I wish my flowers were that gorgeous!


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