The Perfect Spring Jacket

This post is by Betsy Smith from Illinois. 

Window shopping one day, we were so taken with an adorable spring jacket hanging in the window of a childrens store; we just knew we had to buy it.  But once inside looking at the “designer” price tag, we said what we always say in those situations … ”we can make that!”. 

So the search began for a similar laminated cotton fabric and we found it in Anna Maria Horner’s Small Gathering – Citrus from her Good Folks Collection.  We lined the jacket with a high-quality interlock cotton knit that gives perfect body to the jacket and just the right warmth and softness.  This combination made for a waterproof children’s jacket that isn’t stiff and “vinyly” like many you see in stores.

We chose Sew Baby’s Petal Jacket for the pattern.  What I love about this pattern are the clear instructions, ease of construction, and the unique silhouette – a hybrid jacket/poncho that is perfect for a growing toddler.  The jacket’s open sides allow it to fall freely and not bunch up in the car seat. The sleeves roll at the cuff to grow as the child grows.  A lined hood, with soft ribbing around the face, is a nice touch that keeps baby comfortable.  The finishing touch is the over-sized flower buttons we chose (easy to button on squirmy child).

We get compliments every where we go with this jacket.  The jacket is cute but the little girl who wears it is even cuter!



  1. that is a great jacket. is it easy for a new sew-er?

  2. Yes, this is would be easy for a new sewer. There are only 2 pieces for the body and 4 pieces for the hood. The instructions are very clear. One tip I have is to be sure to grade the seams - straight clips on outside (finished) curves and v-shaped clips on inside (finished curves). This can be a little tedious if you chose the petal shaped hem - lots of finished inside curves - but well worth it to have a nice looking finished product. If you're not into making buttonholes or putting on snaps, you could use velcro for closures. I hope this helps. I would love to see your finished jacket. Happy sewing!

  3. very cute, the jacket and the baby!

  4. I love the petal jacket. Nice choice of the laminated cotton fabric!! Are you planning to make other jackets?


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