My Wardrobe Contest Entry was having a wardrobe contest from Sept 1-Nov 30.  The goal was to make a 10 piece mix and match wardrobe.  I wasn't originally going to enter, but by last Saturday, I had 7 items that I could enter, so I thought, what's 3 more?  The last three, of course, took me until 10:45 pm last night to finish, and since the Patternreview clock seems to be set on the Eastern Time Zone, I finished just in time.  Whew!

I'm calling it my Green Goddess Wardrobe, based on, of course, the famous Green Goddess salad dressing.  No, not really.  This wardrobe is full of rich fabrics in silk and wool, ranging from aqua to forest green, accented with neutrals of black and cream. The patterns chosen are fluid and drapey. Here is the result!  And here is my official review with specifics about what pattern was used for each piece.

The winner will be chosen by members, of which there are over 200,000 now!  It really is an inspiring place to visit on the web.


  1. What a pretty wardrobe! Way to pull it off so quick too! :-)

  2. you created a wonderful wardrobe, but i have to say, i would really like to have your coat! Its color and style is beautiful.


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