Cafe au Lait Linen Dress Vogue 1694



Hello everyone. This linen dress is the first thing that I made after my husband passed away 2 months ago.  At first, it was a real struggle- I kept putting things together the wrong way and having to rip it out and do it over again.  I probably shouldn't have chosen an asymmetrical design with fabric that looks the same on both sides for my first project!  But as I finished, I felt a real sense of accomplishment!  I have to say that creating something unique and special was just what I needed to feel a little like myself again. 

I used three coordinating pieces of linen- a deep coffee colored brown, a milky cream, and an abstract print with whipped cream, cloves, and cinnamon it- thus, my cafe au lait dress!    Linen is so wonderful to work with.  You do need to accept that wrinkles will be part of the look though, which I am fine with.  For the pattern, I used Vogue 1694 which is a Marcy Tilton design and the fabric was from Fabric Mart Fabrics.  

This is an interesting pattern to make, as it has both an asymmetrical neckline and hemline.  The hem is completely faced with separate pieces.  I would put it in the intermediate skill category- not hard, but like a jigsaw puzzle to figure out.

 I used the print to make a coordinating face mask.  I have to say, linen isn't as comfortable as the cotton face masks that I'm used to- it's a little rougher on the skin.  But it is nice to have one that matches!

 You can see how the back pieces connect to the front pieces here.    You really could use as many different fabrics as you want to mix together.  The pattern sizing is generous and long- I am tall and didn't add anything to the length.  I'm also a DD bra cup size, and didn't do a full bust adjustment.   There is an inseam pocket on the right side seam.

 And then another pocket is in the horizontal seam on the left!  I like this pocket placement.  It feels natural and at the right height.

 Since it is getting a little chilly, I made a little bolero to go with it out of the deep brown linen- figuring if it cold and sunny, the dark color will absorb more heat.  I used McCall's 6461 to make it, which is just the easiest pattern.  I also made it out of a white lace here last summer.  

 After making the dress, I had about 1-1/2 yards left of the printed linen left, and decided to try a new culotte pattern from the Burda Plus magazine with my leftover fabric.  

These are design #416 from the Spring/Summer 2020 Burda plus issue.  They have a faux fly front, pockets, and partial elastic waistband and come in European sizes 44-60.

 They are very comfortable, and I will probably wear them more next summer, since they are a white background.  The cream linen asymmetrical top is one that I made back in 2016!  Here is the original post.  The pants that I originally made to go with them wore out a long time ago, so I'm happy to have another item to wear with it, and give it a second life.

 The bolero shrug works well with this top too.  


I like these culottes, but this color-blocked dress-oh, it just makes me happy, as I imagine sipping all of those delicious flavors in my cafe au lait!  


Hope that you are having a wonderful October, and sewing something that makes you happy!

Kind regards,



  1. I love it all! The dress is amazing and that little jacket works so well in every single way you wear it. I might need to make one for myself.
    I hope you are managing alright dear lady. It's good to see you are sewing!

  2. Ann, these are just gorgeous! I am sorry to hear about your loss. Just know, prayers are headed your way!

  3. I love your café au lait dress as well as the cropped pants. I am glad you were able to sew something that makes you happy! 2020 has been a difficult year in many ways, again so sorry for your loss!

  4. Love the dress. Your version is better than the envelope photos. I always admire your makes.

    Carol from Minnesota

    1. I agree with Carol in regards to your versions Ann. It's what makes your creations special!

      Carol, I am in Minnesota as well, where it is quite snowing these days.

  5. Ann, you are the queen of asymmetry - these makes are all lovely. I hope sewing continues to help you feel like yourself. I wish I knew how to say something more comforting to help you through your grief, but I can only say how sorry I am.

  6. Beautiful work Ann! I am glad you are finding your way back to sewing lovely pieces again. Praying for you as you adjust during this time.


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