Kimono from Scarf Panel Fabric

It's been a few weeks since my last post, and oh, so much has happened!  I've been sheltering in place here in Illinois for the last 2 weeks, and am so concerned with the pandemic, that I've been spending most of my time on the phone with friends and family.  I've also been doing a LOT of sewing.  I'm so glad that I have something that can provide and enjoyable distraction during this high stress period.  I hope that you are staying safe, and if you are one of the essential workers during this time, thank you for all that you are doing! 

I want to share with you my latest project which is is a kimono type top made from a scarf panel print.  I bought two of these scarf panels from the Fabric Mart $1/$1.99 section, without really having a plan for it.  The panels had one big square , and then a moderately sized border.

You may have bought some too, as it was up on the website for a few months. So, I looked at this fabric on and off for several weeks, and then it finally dawned on me- a kimono!!!   I would use one square for the back, the other square divided in two for the sleeves, and the long border could be the fronts.

I used Butterick 6176 for my base pattern, and made View B without the fringe.
The pattern really couldn't be easier.  The neckline and hems are all narrow hemmed.  To give a little more stability to the back neckline, I applied some fusible Stay Tape between the shoulder seams before I narrow hemmed it.

Here you can kind of see where the sleeve seam is- it's at about the bicep level.  There are just little bits of solid periwinkle blue from the panel that I've placed at the bottom of the sleeves, the top of the back,  the top of the pockets, and the ties.   I think it kind of ties it all together.  I'm wearing a periwinkle camisole underneath.

After cutting the sleeves, I had half of the second large square left, so I used that part to make front ties and pockets.  I didn't use the pattern piece for the pocket.  One of the motifs had a pretty petal shape to it, so I just cut around the motif, leaving enough extra to turn under the edges.  I then nestled this into one of the larger motifs on the front border panel, and sewed it in place.

 The ties also weren't in the pattern- but I just cut 12 inch long strips that were 1-1/2" wide, and then sewed them with a 3/8" seam.  Turned them right side out and sewed to the inside at waist level.  I had these gold beads that I put on the end of the ties for a little bling.

I really like how this turned out, and it was fun to play around with the placement of the panel sections.  I think this is a great option for wearing around the house while we're sheltering at home, so I might make a couple more of these, and make some to send to my daughters who are sheltering in place in other places, as a pick me up!

Did you get any of this fabric?  What did you make or plan to make?

Please take care!



  1. Looks great and the colors are perfect for you.

  2. I am always amazed when I see how someone buys a panel of fabric and creates a stunning garment! Yours is no exception! I love how the front pattern comes together, and the back is lovely too.

    This time has been difficult, yet I am grateful to sew as well.

  3. Oh I have some of this fabric and I was going to make a kimono too! Thanks for the inspiration. Now to dig out my pattern and fabric!


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