V-Neck Tunics from BurdaStyle 10/2017/127

In BurdaStyle's October issue, there was a loose-fitting tunic in the plus section that caught my eye.  It looked super simple, and stylish, and I had a couple of short cuts of wools that I could envision it made out of- it just takes 1-3/4 yards.

The first was a remnant of a nubby wool sweater knit. It started out white, but to make it work with my First Frost capsule wardrobe plan, I dyed it this very pale blue.  I just used the regular RIT dye from the store, and it worked great.  One thing that helps with dying a wool fabric is adding white vinegar to the dye bath to help with the dye uptake.

One the sewing side, there is really hardly anything to making these- as all of the edges are just turned under and stitched down.  The original design has zippers at the side, which would make it more challenging to sew. I had ordered some cool zippers to use for these, but alas, when they got here, the colors weren't anywhere near what I was expecting, so I left them off.  Nikisha from Dressmaking Debacles also made this pattern into a great version from a sweatshirt knit with the side zippers here.

The second tunic was made from a much heavier boiled wool.  This was my first time making something with boiled wool, and I loved it!  It's really soft and spongy, and feels so good to wear. Just like wearing a blanket!

I dyed this one from it's original cream color to a soft rose, and my dye job is a little blotchy, but I think it kind of adds to the uniqueness of the piece.  Here you can see the back.

And a close-up of the front.  It was quite a bit too big in the neckline for me, and I ended up taking the shoulder seam up another inch or so at the neck on both of them. 

I also made the tops underneath.   The leopard print is from Simplicity 8529 and the solid black is from Butterick 6389.  Both are just very basic knit tops with a high neckline to keep my neck warm.

I made both of these before Christmas and have been reaching for them quite a bit when I'm at home.  They are a little too warm for work, but we keep our house thermostat a little lower, so it's nice to pop them on when I get home.

If you're looking for an alternative to a cardigan, give this pattern a try!  I think that it could also be nice for a spring/summer top made out of a linen or cotton knit. 

Happy Sewing!


  1. LOVE!!! I need to learn to play with dyes.

    I adore the blush color. They look so warm and toasty!!!

  2. It is very chic - especially in the wools you used and the colours are gorgeous. I love them :)

  3. I love that you dyed one of the wools...it turned out so pretty, and looks great on you! You make that Burda garment look so much better than pictured!

  4. So lovely colour! They look lovely on you! Well done:)

  5. What a great layering piece for winter. Both your tops are lovely Ann.


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