End of Summer Dresses with McCalls 7565

I hope that you've had a lovely summer!  I know that it's almost over according to the calendar, but I'm nowhere near done with summer!  It's been perfect weather here, and we're enjoying every last drop of it.  So, in the spirit of summer, I decided to make a couple more sleeveless dresses, even though I know that the clock is ticking on the time that I can wear them.

For my first dress, I used a beautiful rayon challis in a floral print that reminds me of Van Gogh's Sunflowers.  I wanted a pattern that would flow gracefully to show of the challis' incredible movement, and I chose McCalls 7565.
For the sunflower print, I made View B, which is the one with the hi-low hem.

Even though I am tall (5 feet 9 inches), I actually had to cut off about 3" so that it wouldn't drag the ground.  I'm sure that this is because of the tendency of rayon to grow longer.  I  love the look, but I've discovered that that long hem gets caught underneath the rollers of my office chair at work, and I'm afraid that I will end of tearing it.  So, I think that I will probably end up straightening out the hem, just for practicality's sake.
 Here it is from the back.  You can see that it has a yoke and side seam pockets.  And this dress is so much fun to wear.  I can't stop swirling in it!

For my next dress, I decided to use a slightly bolder print- one that reminds me of suns in bright pinks and oranges.  Just to make them look a little different, I made this one with the cap sleeve, and with the straight hemline.  I did not have to do a full bust adjustment or length adjustment- this pattern has a lot of ease.  I would not choose a stiff fabric for it, or else you might look like you are wearing a tent!

 Yes, I know that the hem doesn't look very straight, but that is again the fault of the rayon and it's love for growing.  I could have evened it out, but I decided I liked the slight wave this way!
I got so many compliments on this one when I wore it to work!  It was a huge hit.

I really can't take all of the credit though.  The fabric is just really striking.  And so, so comfortable!
I am warming up to rayon challis.  I used to hate it, but now that I can predict it's behavior a little better, I am able to work with it, instead of against it.

I decided to wear this one belted, which cuts down on it's swirlability. but makes it look different from the first dress enough that I don't think anyone but you and I would know it's the same pattern!  Here they are side by side:

I'm sure that I can extend the season by wearing a cardigan with both of these dresses.  Are you still sewing summer clothes?  Or have you moved on in preparation for cooler weather?

Happy Sewing!


  1. Beautiful dresses. You can not tell they are the same pattern. I really like the bold print dress with the belt, my favorite! Great job & You look lovely.

  2. I love both versions of this dress especially since I hadn't given this pattern a second look.

  3. Rayon dresses are perfect for summer. Love both these prints...beautiful dresses.

  4. I truly love both of these dresses. I like how they drape and flow. Beautiful fabrics for both. I also like that they have pockets. Both look great on you!

  5. The dresses look great!
    I just read about your sewing club for kids on the Fabric Mart site. So wonderful and you had quite a large group.

  6. Both are really pretty Ann, I love the one with the sunflowers. I completely understand "working with rayon" rather than against it. I love rayon challis but you have to bend to its rules so to speak!

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