Workout Outfits with Kwik Sew 4163 and 4181

If I loved working out as much as I love sewing, I would probably be a marathon runner!  But alas, I do not, and even though working out is always on my to do list, it hasn't made it to the top of the list for a while.  I actually do like yoga and running, but I've had a foot issue plaguing me for several months that has dampened my enthusiasm quite a bit.  To try to get my mojo back for exercise, I decided to make myself some new workout clothes.  So, I ordered two Kwik Sew patterns during their last sale- 4163 and 4181. I had three pieces of nylon/lycra knits- one coral, one printed, and one black.  I had ordered 1-1/2 yds of the coral and the print, and just one yard of the black.

Let's start with Kwik Sew 4163.  Although I loved the end results, I did find some problems with the pattern.  First of all- the shorts on the model look like a great length, right?  On me, they were obscenely short- like bathing suit short.  So, those were a wadder.  Fortunately, I had enough fabric to try again.  So, I made the pants- not wanting full length ones, I trimmed 7 inches off of the length, and they hit me right at the knee.  I'm guessing that if I made the full length ones, that they would also not be as long as the ones in the cover photo.  The fit was generous, and I ended up sizing down about two sizes to get that snug ready-to-wear fit.

I had a little left of the black knit, and  made them into a solid pair that were 6" longer than the shorts cutting line.  These hit me at about mid thigh.  So, if you are making the shorts/pants- measure a pair of shorts or pants that you like, and then adjust as needed.  I am tall, so it might be just me, but I would be careful!

Next the top, the fit on the top was perfect, except for one thing- the neckband was too long.  It wouldn't lay flat, and since I had serged it, so there was no ripping it out.  I decided to get rid of the excess by making a little v-neck fold at the center front.  I love the back detail.

Next time I make this, I'll cut the band about an inch shorter.  I do love everything else about it!  Next up was Kwik Sew 4181. 
This one went perfectly.  The little V in the front is just an applique, so it's not complicated at all.  Since I made this after the first pattern with the band length problem, I cut the bands an inch shorter and they were perfect.   I did not use the shelf bra piece, as I plan on wearing a real sports bra. 

The only thing that I would change is that I chose to use contrasting thread for the hem, and I don't like it.  I thought it would tie in the black inset, but it is just a little too messy.  Next time, I'd use a thread the same color.

Again, the back view is really cute, and this time I made sure to center the chevron.  I still have a lot of fabric left of the print and the coral, and will probably make a zippered jacket to wear over these when it's a little chillier out. When you are mixing like this, a little fabric goes a long way!  I think that you can actually save money sewing your own workout wear because it takes so little fabric.

So, now I'm all set- gym membership, cute workout clothes- now no more excuses! Just do it!

Happy Sewing!



  1. That is fabulous workout wear. I might have to check out those patterns.

  2. Excellent, Ann. Love the color section.

  3. Ann, these are so stinking cute! I purchased KS 4163 a while back but haven't put it together yet. Thanks for the helpful tips!
    Sue :)

  4. You made such cute workout clothes!

  5. These fit great. The best workout clothes don't ride down at the waist or up at the crotch as you move, and they feel very silky and cool against the skin. I'm somewhat pear-shaped with 51" hips and a 38" waist, and the XXL fits great.

  6. Cute colors! I'm wondering if you've since tried making the shorts from the 4181 pattern?

  7. Love your workout wear results. I need some thigh covering shorts and that pants pattern looks useful, especially for getting a nice close fit. Kwok Sew can frustrate me with their frumpy pics but then they redeem themselves with 4163.


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