Wrap Pants and Fringed Poncho Vogue 9191

Have you ever tried wrap pants?  I've tried wrap dresses and even a wrap culotte jumper from the 70's.
But never wrap pants, so I had to try Vogue 9191 , a five piece wardrobe with two ponchos, wrap pants, shorts and a crop top.

Not knowing whether this was a style that I wanted to wear, I didn't want to invest too much money in it, so I hopped down to our local WalMart (or the evil empire as it is known in our house), and found some amazing fabrics for $1.50/yard!  The white is a loosely woven cotton dobby, which I thought could fringe well for the poncho, and the blue is a polyester challis.  So, for all three pieces, my fabric cost was only $9.

The pants are so much fun.   In motion, they are really pretty.  I had a couple of concerns- how to go to the bathroom and what happens in the wind.  Neither of those things turned out to be a big deal.  Going to the bathroom was surprisingly easy- just untie the back and flip it over your shoulders.
What wasn't one of my concerns and should have been, was what happens when I cross my legs.  Oh boy!  I absolutely cannot cross my legs in this without showing my legs all the way to the thigh.

The top looks pretty plain from the front, but the back has several pleats which are really pretty.  I lowered the front neckline a couple of inches so that I could skip the keyhole opening that the pattern includes.

The poncho I made is View A, but I did a self-fringe instead of adding a purchased fringe.

To make the fringe, I stitched a line about 3-1/2" from the bottom all around the lower edge.  Then,  I cut 3" strips, 1/4" wide, put it in the washing machine, and crossed my fingers.   After it was dry, I gave it a good shake, and then took the cat brush,which is a wire brush and brushed it out.  This is my result, which I think is pretty cool.  I think it will be nice to wear when it is a little chilly or at night.  

I still want to make the shorts from this pattern as well. I had a lot of fun making it, as it is really simple to sew and quick to put together.  When my daughter came over today, she said "You are brave- I wouldn't wear that, and I don't know anyone else that would wear that, but it looks good on you!".    I do feel that lately, I've been experimenting a lot more with unusual styles, and I've been really enjoying that.   I'm embracing the freedom that comes with being able to sew your own wardrobe.  Why not have fun?

Happy Sewing!



  1. I love the entire outfit! You look great in it. I plan to make wrap pants soon.

  2. I truly like this poncho, top and pants. Lucky you that you have a Walmart that sells fabric. I actually did find some nice fabrics from time to time.

  3. I agree with your daughter. It does look good on you. I did think to myself recently, with admiration, that you were trying some really different styles. Go for it! I sewed both a pair of wrap shorts and pants long ago. I remember liking them a lot.

  4. Ann his outfit is AWESOME!!! I love it to death. The self fringe is a fabulous touch and more unique! I have done self fringe but only on leather, it's kinda cool on a fraying fabric. {you may see this on my blog sometime!...wink!] -Michelle

  5. Ann your search for personal style and unique looks sure gets my vote! Your bohemian outfit looks just awesome on you. Nice to see sewers embrace new looks , rather then be a sheep. Having said this now , it's on trend for today, your daughter just hasn't caught up to you. Love the fringe.

  6. I've recently tried wrap pants myself, having seen them on Pinterest! And I'm a big gal, (who doesn't want her thighs to show when she sits), so I attached large scale snaps at the knee to hold the pants together. But I have worn wide leg or palazzo trousers for years so this wasn't a stretch for me. I plan on altering my next pair to where it will close in the back with velcro and put a button closure in the front instead of ties, because I'm making wool ones for fall and I'd like them more tailored. I could wear this style forever! Its very flattering and feels great to wear.


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