Ottobre Woman Fall Winter 2015 Issue

It's mid-August and that means it's time for a new issue of Ottobre Woman pattern magazine!  I can hardly wait.  Our SewBaby shipment has been shipped from Finland, and it is due in on 8/17, so it won't be long!  As usual the photos from the issue have me salivating like a cat awaiting a dish of cream.  

Here's a peek of what is inside this issue.  This is probably my favorite.  I love the curved piecing and the pocket openings are darling.  I'm thinking about what fabrics I could use for this one:

This one is adorable too.  I already know what colors I'm going to do mine in - a deep teal, a light aqua and a cream.   Doesn't that sound delicious?

 These two look like the same dress with different sleeves and neckline options.  Just a very nice basic dress that can show off some pretty fabric easily.

These are some nice active wear/ leisure wear patterns:

And for those who like more fitted options, these look like some great building blocks for a work wardrobe.

And there are more!  Here are the line drawings from this issue:
I made about 10 items from the Spring issue and hope that I can do so with this issue as well.   What I did to motivate myself was I printed out these line drawings, and then cut snips of fabric from my stash and taped it next to the illustration that I thought would work best with it.  Then I just went one by one until I had all 10 items sewn.  

If you'd like to order this copy, you can do so here.  We will mail them to customers as soon as our shipment arrives!

Also, I wanted to encourage anyone that is looking for a sewing challenge to enter the Fabric Mart Fashionista Challenge 3.  I participated last year, and it was lots of fun and definitely challenging.  It's starting soon, so check out the link and see if you'd like to be a contestant.

What do you think of this issue?  Any else as excited as I am?
Happy Sewing!



  1. Yes, I'm looking forward to this one too. Well done on your spring issue sewing! That is such a great thing to do, to match pattern and fabric at the start. Most of my "sewing" time is spent havering over what to sew next and which fabric from my stash to use. Having a plan is so much better!

    1. I do that Lyndle! Sticking to a plan is sometimes devastatingly difficult, but I can get so much more done that way!

  2. I love this issue! It looks like it is filled with a lot of good designs!

    1. Me too. I think they included pretty much every basic you could want, except a winter coat. They usually do, so I'm surprised that is not included, but perhaps they polled readers and found out that is not what they wanted.

  3. This issue looks fantastic! I sewed a couple of things from the Spring issue too (multiple times actually!) and enjoyed it so much. Learned a couple of new-to-me techniques I'm applying to other garments. Love Ottobre! Thank you so much for this preview and inspiration!

  4. I've never purchased and Ottobre magazine. This one is especially tempting.

  5. I put a comment here the other day but I can't see it now?? I really like your textured fabric and that you made it so quickly! I subscribe to Ottobre and I really love their really good designs and drafting and especially their aesthetic which is basic with nice details. They seem to do a complete type wardrobe for the season every issue.


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