Idyllwild T-shirt and Dress pattern

Last month, I participated as a pattern tester for Itch to Stitch Designs newest pattern- the Idyllwild Top and Dress.  This is a fitted T-shirt and dress PDF pattern with multiple sleeve, neckline and length options.   Today is the first day that you can buy the pattern, and get this- the price is $1.   Wow! Here's one of my dresses from the testing stage:

I had made Itch to Stitch Designs Marbella dress in November and was pleased as punch at how well it fit me with no alterations.   So, I was excited when Kennis Wong, the designer, said that she wanted to do a basic knit pattern.  I've searched for such a pattern to teach my beginning sewing students, but I had never found one that didn't take a ton of alterations to fit most people nicely.  So, I was happy to help out with the testing of one that would fit that niche.

I generally shy away from PDF patterns, but Kennis' patterns have a nice feature that makes using them a little easier.  You can select just the size or sizes that you want to print from a layering feature. On multi-sized patterns, being able to eliminate lines that are unnecessary makes it much easier to work with.  You can also get a version for your copy shop to print to avoid the taping all together!

I also like that you choose your size based on your full bust measurement.  That just makes so much sense doesn't it?  I'm pretty sure that I've scared away a few beginning seamstresses by trying to explain the whole high bust/full bust adjustment thing.  And if you are full busted, and skeptical that this will work for you, I am a DD cup size, chose the size on my full bust measurement, and the fit was spot on.    I don't wear too many t-shirts, but I do wear lots of dresses, and this will be a great pattern to showcase fun knit prints, like this print in the dress below.

Kennis is donating all of the proceeds from pattern sales of this design to Salvando Corazones, who provides education, rehabilitative services, and unconditional love and support to child survivors of commercial exploitation.  So, check out the Itch to Stitch website for tons more information.  I think that you will love this pattern.  Try it out, and spread the word if you like it!

Happy Sewing!



  1. Super cute dress - looks so comfy too! Off to check out the website!

  2. Love both of your dresses. Thank you so much for letting us know about this pattern. I just ordered!

    1. Thank you, Anna Christina! I hope that you enjoy the pattern as much as I have!


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