Pink Peacock Feathers and Pockets

Do you ever order a fabric and then have buyer's remorse?  That was the case with this fabric for me.  I ordered this Peacock feather print, expecting something in the blues and greens, and ordered it without a photo. When I opened up the box and saw pink, orange and neon lime peacock feathers, I had to step back.  Honestly, when you see this fabric flat, it is so gaudy, that I couldn't imagine anything out of it.

 I thought, if I want this fabric to work, I'm going to need a GREAT pattern.  I went through some of the reviews at for dresses, and saw that one of my favorite bloggers- Beth at had made Maggy London's Butterick 5455 SEVEN times.

I don't think that I have ever made a pattern SEVEN times, so I knew right then, that I had to try it!   Luckily, I had it in my stash, as it is now OOP.  (Out of Print).

  The pleating looks fancy, but it is really quite simple.

 The back V is just high enough to cover the bra band.  I do find that the straps are a little loose, and I will need to add a ribbon stay under that strap to hold it in place with my bra strap.

The pockets blend in so well with the print, that you can't see them unless you are up close.
Here they are from the inside:
You can see that I lined the bodice, but the black stuff on the back of the fabric was part of the fabric.  This fabric was a silk/linen blend from Nanette Lepore that came fused with tricot knit.  I prewashed my fabric, and in the process, some of it separated from the outer fabric, but not enough to tell from the right side.

Because the skirt is close-fitting, the pattern includes a walking vent.  I think that I added 2 inches to the length. 

This pattern is definitely a keeper, and the pink peacock fabric design has grown on me.  I think it's a great late summer/early fall dress. 

If you didn't get this one when it was in the stores, I think it's worth tracking down a copy on e-Bay.  I've been impressed with all of the Maggy London patterns that I've bought so far, and am so glad that I got this one!

How about you?  Any fabric buyer's remorse in your past?

Happy Sewing!


  1. Oh I really like your dress! I wish that style suited me, but I'm more pear shaped so straight skirts aren't that flattering on me. Yes, I've had buyer's remorse many times. I'm definitely trying to be selective in my purchases these days and really trying to use what I have.

    1. Thanks, Mellissa! I'm trying to whittle away at my stash too. It takes so little time to buy, and so much time to sew!

  2. Love, love, love!! You turned this into a real winner! I purchased a kelly green double knit before that I hated so much I returned it (and I never do that).


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