Momma can do it

We've recently added some new products to the site and I'm excited to share them with you all! We are featuring some new downloadable patterns from Momma can do it! They have some great patterns for the forward thinking mom these days.

To all of you new mothers out there, there are some ways to save the earth and your wallet! We all know diapers can be expensive and also wasteful, so Momma can do it has reusable diaper patterns the are simple to make and can last quite a while. Easy to make with Velcro tabs that ensure a snug fit on your baby, they're easy to slip on an off on wash days! We also have a collection of PUL and diaper fabrics to be used to make these great patterns!

Momma can do it also has some ideas on how to save on the kitchen. Most people don't realize how much we waste in the kitchen. Say goodbye to tin-foil and plastic wrap and try out the Reusable Dish Cover E-Pattern. This is such a simple idea but can save you tons of money and cut down on your waste! After a little while just throw these is the wash and continue to reuse!

Lastly, I wanted to share the Swaddling Blanket. It's such a simple design but very effective for your baby! Wrap them up in this warm blanket and keep them comfortable all night long. Sizes vary from newborns to 36 months. Try it with some warms fleece prints!

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