An Easy Burda Magazine Blouse

November's Burda Magazine issue was a hit for me.  There are several things that I'm planning to make from it, but I haven't sewn from Burda for a while and decided to ease myself back into it with something relatively simple.   Burda has great designs, but no illustrations in the instructions, which can sometimes be a little daunting on the more detailed designs.  They can be a challenge, but I like that!

 This blouse-#131 had no collar, no cuffs, no buttons, so I decided it would be perfect.  I love the flounce detail in the center front, so even though it looked easy, it also looked interesting! The flounce isn't a separate piece.  The pattern has just three pieces- front, back and sleeve.  To get the flounce effect, you just put the fronts wrong sides together, and sew down the center front line.  Nothing to it!

So here is my version- made from a silk charmeuse with a polka dot print.  It was in one of my Fabric Mart bundles.   I cut a 42 at the shoulders, and a 44 everywhere else, and I"m really happy with the fit.  I didn't even add any length to it, which means that it is unusually long.  If you're of average height, it may be a little long.

There's a center seam and darts in the back to give it some subtle shaping.
It did call for side seam vents, but I had already serged the side seams before I realized that.  I would definitely add those if I make it again. I would like to definitely make this again-I'm wondering how it would be in a flannel plaid.  It took a little over 2-1/4 yards of a 45 inch wide fabric, which isn't a lot. 

 I am now in the mood to tackle the sequin waistcoat #110 from this issue.  I've never worked with sequin fabric before, and am feeling a little trepidatious about it.  Any tips on sewing sequined fabric? 

Happy Sewing!


  1. Love your polka dot blouse! So fresh and pretty.

  2. Very pretty blouse, love the polka dots

  3. It's a lovely blouse, I actually like yours better than Burda's example!

  4. Your version is more slenderizing - so lovely. Do you think it would work in a lightweight sweater fabric for winter?

    1. Thanks, Grammy! I think it would be perfect for a sweater knit! Thanks for the suggestion!

  5. This is just beautiful. You picked the perfect fabric for this blouse. It's such a classic piece.

  6. I love this top. I now want to sew it up myself. Does it slip over your head easily?

  7. Funny enough I was just looking at this pattern. Am yet to make a top but thought this pretty and a possible make for me in the future.


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