Anne Klein Cocoon Coat Vogue 1128

My family and I went to Scandinavia last summer, and when we were in the big cities, I got to snoop shop in some fun stores.  One of the stores was Acne, and they had the most beautiful coats.  A lot of them were oversized and a few were in this cocoon shape.  The price tags on them were in the 1000 Euro range.  So when I started thinking about making a new coat, I thought it would be fun to try this completely new to me shape. 
Acne Cocoon Coat

 I remembered this Anne Klein pattern from a few years ago- Vogue 1128.  It's out of print now. There was only 1 review of the coat part of the pattern on, and that review didn't have a photo, so that should have been my first clue that maybe I should skip this one.
Anne Klein Vogue Pattern 1128

I have mixed feelings about it.  First of all, you can't tell this from the photo, but the fabric is really fantastic.  It's a melton from Marc Jacobs and is really luxurious.  I think that they called it mocha, which sounded delicious, but in reality is the exact same shade as a paper grocery bag.

Second, it is super comfy.  I could wear this with a jacket underneath, or with tops that have billowy sleeves, and not get them bunched up like a traditional coat. 
Third, I like the collar. It kind of naturally stands up in the back. 

 There are two welt pockets in the front.
I used a extra, extra large button- its' about 1-1/2 inches.
The lining is lavender with a gold oriental design.  I've had it for years, and am crazy about it. 

Now, for what I don't like- the dropped sleeves aren't a good look on me.  They make me look dumpy.  The color is horrible on me.  SO disappointed in that, but it just washes me out.  I pulled out these turquoise gloves and scarf to counteract that. I  think that if I had chosen a black or a bright color, I would have loved it.  But the color combined with the oversized look is not good.

Regardless, I'm going to wear it! It feels as nice as those 1000 Euro coats at Acne.  I did learn some good lessons:
1.  No more "mocha" no matter how delicious it sounds.
2.  Don't use the really good fabrics on an untested style for my body.

I think that part of the fun of sewing is the gambling aspect of it.  Sometimes you win, sometimes you don't!
Have you ever gone out on a limb to try a new style?  What were your results?

Happy Sewing!



  1. Ooh! The back of this is so cool! Lovley color on you, too!

    1. Thank you! I'm so surprised that you like the color!

  2. Nice coat. You did a great job and I love the lining

  3. It's a beautiful coat! I think you've done a great rescue with the accessories to make you shine! I love the history of the evolution of this piece.


  4. Oh, but I don't agree! The color looks "soft" (for lack of a better word!) and has a very rich look, plus I think it looks beautiful on you!!! The lining is gorgeous.

    I have the same Marc Jacobs melton...same color. :)

    1. I think your kind words are having an effect on me because I am liking it more and more this morning! You'll have to let me know when you get your melton made into something.

  5. The luscious feel of this wool coat comes through in the pictures. It does look like fabulous fabric. I'm wondering about the shoulder pads used. I struggle with shoulder pads in a lot of my sewing so maybe that's just where my eye goes now. But I'm wondering if you would like it more with a more aggressive shoulder.

    I do think the color is lovely, and will work with lots of different *pop* colors. The blue is a good pop.

  6. Thanks, Martha! The pattern didn't call for any shoulder pads. I did try it on with some 1/2" pads underneath, and didn't see any appreciable difference. The dropped shoulder goes out at least 6 inches beyond my real shoulder edge, so it may just weigh down any padding.

  7. I love your coat and really want one for myself in purple. I agree that the colour is not quite bright enough for your hair and skin but your accessories punch it up. Have you checked out Dressing Your Truth to find out the perfect styles and colours for your "type"?
    Because you look amazing in black and white you might be a type 4.
    I dyed two coats last week. One came out great but the other was destroyed.
    I wouldn't risk it with something you just made out of gorgeous fabric but
    you could consider it for some other clothes you no longer like. Thanks for sharing. I'm off to find this pattern. Bea

    1. Thank you for the suggestion. I would love to know how you dyed your coats! That may be just the solution that I'm looking for. If you by any chance stop back, please let me know.


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