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This last weekend, I made up samples for upcoming sewing classes that I am offering through Parkland College in Champaign.  The first is Sewing for the Home, which is Wednesdays, Oct 17, 24, and 31st from 6-8 pm in my studio.  Students are always telling me that they want to make pillows, so that will be the first project!  We will be making an envelope style pillow that you can easily change according to the season and your mood.  The sky is the limit on what you can use- try satin, velvet or brocade for a formal setting, or linen, fur, suede or canvas for a more casual setting.  I anticipate class participants can make 4 pillows in the first class.

The second class will move on to the dining area, and we will make a modern table runner.  This table runner is so easy to make, that you can make one in about 30 minutes, so again, try different combinations of fabrics to make day runners, formal runners, and holiday runners.  You should be able to make 3 runners in the second session.

And the last class, we will move on to the kitchen and make a reversible hostess apron.  This one takes a little longer, but I still think we might get two done in one class.  This is a one size fits all apron.

The next class is one we called Sewing for the Holidays, but I think it really should have been Santa's Sewing Workshop.  It is 5 classes and meets Mondays, Nov 5th-Dec 3rd from 6-8.  Each class will feature one to two gift items that are easy to make, so that you can make 4-6 versions of them by the end of the session.  So by the end of the class, I anticipate that you will have 20-30 gifts!  Here are the projects:
Chicken Pin Cushions- these are filled with crushed walnut shells so that your pins stay sharp.

Infinity Scarves- can be made with chiffon, knit, fleece, depending on your style.

Heatable Neck Wraps with Rice and Lavender- smell heavenly!

Microwave Potato Bags for Perfectly Baked Potatoes

Pinching Pot Holders- cute and practical.

Zipper Pouches for cosmetics or computer stuff

Tablet or E-Reader Covers

Tie-One Dish Towels

I tried to find pick things that were practical, yet fun, and that use small amounts of fabric so your budget will be happy.  So, if you are are in the area and would like to learn how to make these great home or gift items, call Parkland Adult Education to register at 353-2055!

Happy Sewing!


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  1. All of this looks fantastic! I am sure your students will be inspired. A lot of it is down to your eye for making the right fabric choices. You have good taste!


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