Winter Wardrobe Sewing Plan

I think that my favorite part of sewing doesn't have anything to do with the actual sewing!  It's the PLANNING.  I could look at patterns and fabrics for hours and hours, imagining what to do with them.  It's pretty easy to spend more time daydreaming about what I can make than actually making it. Here is my latest sewing plan. 

The fabrics have been in my stash quite a while, so I am going to use the Fabric Stash contest as an incentive to actually follow through with my plan.  It's only a month long contest, so I'm being rather ambitious- that would equal two garments a week, but I think that I can do it.
I bought some shoes and necklaces to go with these things too, so I really have committed myself to this!
The last time I followed through with a plan was about two years ago when I did another wardrobe contest.  It really helped me to expand my wardrobe, and I'm thinking it's about time to do it again- this time in more neutrals- black, cream and gold.

First up will be a pencil skirt made from this lovely black shetland wool:

I got this gold wool gabardine in a mystery bundle a few years ago, and really thought it was awful.  Now I can't wait to make a pair of wide legged trousers from it.  I think it will look fantastic with any of my solid cream or black tops.

I need a couple of new blouses.  I have two pieces of silk that have that pretty gold shade in it.
First is this lovely paisley chiffon:

Then this animal print silk charmeuse with a little turquoise in it too

Both of those tops should also go with the black pencil skirt, or another pair of pants from this fantastic cream stretch wool:

And to add a little layering interest, how about a vest in this metallic linen tweed:

I think I need a basic sheath dress in this black and cream stretch honeycomb wool:

And lastly, a coat or cape from this acrylic plaid boucle:

I haven't picked out the exact patterns yet, but can't wait to get started!  What do you think?  I'd love to hear your thoughts!



  1. Your sewing plan sounds great. I think you always make very nice things. A good neutral collection.

  2. Oh it's my favorite part of sewing, too! And it's a great plan--love that paisley. I'm tempted to enter that contest but at my glacial sewing speed I know I won't win...

  3. I look forward to seeing your creations. The fabrics are wonderful!!

  4. Great looking fabrics! Look forward to seeing the finished garments.

  5. I'm drooling! Those are beautiful fabrics and will result in some gorgeous additions to your wardrobe.

  6. I'm inspired! Thank you! Can't wait to see the finished wardrobe...

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