Spring Kids Patterns

Oh my goodness!  I think this just may be the most gorgeous Spring dress that I've ever seen!  This is the new Miranda dress from Olabelhe designs.  It is an e-pattern for sizes 2-8. An e-pattern is one that is downloadable from your computer, so you don't even have to pay for postage!  It comes with a tutorial with tons of photographs of each step.
Do not be scared off by the embellishments!  This spectacular dress pattern is designed with every sewer in mind. If you are new to sewing or a seasoned pro you will find this pattern fun and easy to put together, and this dress is well worth the time needed for the embellishments!  Easter is on April 24th this year, so you've got plenty of time!

Of course, there are 16 other Olabelhe e-patterns that you might like as well!
Looking for Spring playclothes?  Then the Spring 2011 Ottobre children's magazine might be more up your alley!   This Finnish pattern magazine includes infant- youth sizes for both boys and girls.  Here are the line drawings of everything that is included:
Ottobre patterns are so stylish, and our customers rave about how great the fit is.  You do need to trace these patterns, as they come on a master pattern sheet.  What I use for tracing is a roll of painter's plastic dropcloths, plus a permanent marker.  Since the plastic is clear, tracing is much easier.  Scissors glide right through the plastic like it was butter, so once it is traced, just trim your pieces, making sure to leave extra for seam allowances and hems.

I made our Petal Jacket pattern in the Sunny Daze Laminated Cotton by Alice Kennedy.  The reverse is the Darling Clementine very fine cotton lawn, plus a little orange ribbing around the hood, and lime green snaps.  I think it turned out pretty darn cute! 

You can also get this laminated cotton print in Blue and Green if you prefer that color palette.

Laminated cottons are becoming more popular, and here is another idea for using them.  This laminated cotton was made into our Hug Me Bib pattern.  A unique design that wraps around the back waist to make sure the bib stays put. 

Sure hope this brings a little breather from the winter weather that most of us are having right now!  I'm going to be snowed in for a couple of days at least, but that's not all bad- I might actually get some sewing done!


  1. All adorable, but that dress!!! I die. That would be such a perfect Easter dress!!

  2. Lots of beautiful things! I LOVE Dawn's new dress too. So, did you get snowed in today, Ann or did the blizzard miss you?

  3. cute! the t-shirt is very good and ı will dı it for my sister's daughter! :)


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