Double Layer Knit Tops McCalls 6244

Wow, it's been almost a month since my last blog post!  I have been sewing, just not posting, so I'll have lots of posts coming up.  I've had a couple of sheer knits in my stash for a few years, and never knew what to do with them, so when I saw this double layer top pattern from McCalls, I couldn't wait to sew it up with my sheer knits!  This is McCalls 6244, and it includes 4 different tops and two vests that you can mix and match to wear however you want.  I really want to make the vest too, but I haven't decided on a fabric for it.

My first try was a dark brown matte jersey for the underlayer long sleeve top, with a snakeskin sheer layer tank over it.  I made the medium straight from the envelope and only lengthened the sleeves by about an inch.  Otherwise, no changes to the pattern, and it fits great. 

The tops are finished by narrow hemming all of the raw edges.  This sounds simple, but you really do need a couple of things to make it look good.  The first is a stretch needle.  I used a 75/11 stretch needle from Schmetz.  Otherwise, you will likely have skipped stitches if you use a regular sewing machine needle. 

The second thing is that I used my walking foot.  This evens out the pressure on the top and bottom, so that you don't end up with wavy hems. I can see in the plum tank that I do have a little bit of a wave to the hem, but I can guarantee you it would have been much wavier without the walking foot.   I resisted getting a walking foot for years, as they are pricey- but it was worth every penny, because without it, narrow hemming knits like this would be an exercise in frustration.

My second try was a lavender matte jersey for the underlayer with a plum sheer layer tank over it.  I absolutely love this combination.  The neck is open, so if you live in a cool climate like I do, a scarf can keep you warm.  I combined it with organic jersey cotton leggings that I made, and it is really comfy! 

I highly recommend this pattern, as it is super easy, super stylish and super comfy.  The tank just takes 1 yard, and the long sleeve top takes 1-5/8 yards of fabric.  I think it should look good on just about any figure type, so there is nothing to dislike.  Thanks McCalls!  You made my day.


  1. You look great! I like both variations you made!

  2. The plum one looks lovely and it's such a nice complement to your complexion. Very well done.

  3. Oh I love these , I always wonder what on earth to make with sheer knits but these are so lovely.

  4. these are just gorgeous! love the colours.... no doubt you'll be making a few more combos as these look fabulous!

  5. What wonderful combinations. I was just looking at several sheer knits in my "collection" and you made me check out this pattern. Thank you!

  6. I'm just about to make this top up and your review and blog have been really helpful. I kind of like the wavy hemline - I might have to play that up.

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