Pendleton Wool Toddler Jackets

You would think that the last thing you'd want to do on a hot July day is sew with wool, but with Fall coming up before you know it, that is exactly what I did today!

Julie from the Pendleton Woolen Mill store in Portland, Oregon, sent me several pieces of some beautiful Pendleton wools to make models for their store of our Petal Jacket and our Wonder Jacket patterns.  This first one is the Petal Jacket made from a floral wool stripe called Rosalita Lisere and lined with a rust wool flannel.  This jacket is completely reversible.  It only has partial sleeves, so it is easy to put on and like a poncho.

The next jacket- a Wonder Jacket, is made from a Native pattern, an exclusive Pendleton fabric called Rio Rancho.  It is stunning!

 If you like any of these fabrics, you can order them from the Pendleton Woolen Mill store
Take a look at the back.  I folded the fabric so that this pretty starburst pattern would be in the center of the back. 

The Wonder Jacket is a neat little pattern that has the front, back, and collar all cut in one piece!  It can be made lined or unlined.  I made this one unlined, and I left the edges raw, just topstitching with some gold topstitching thread around the edges. 

I used the size 24 brushed gold snaps from the Snap Source for both jackets.  Here is a close-up picture of one of the snaps.  They are really easy to apply, but it does require that you use a size 24 Adapter to the base of the size 16 Snap Setter.

Also, I got a new camera!  My last camera was purchased in 2001, so I'm excited to see what this up to minute technology can do, especially when it comes to taking good close-up pictures of fabrics. I've actually got quite a backlog of projects to share with you, but have just been waiting on this new camera.


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