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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Autumn Berry Mini Wardrobe

Update:  8/11/2014-  I'm SEW excited that I won! Thank you all for your kind words. The Patternreview community has been so inspirational and encouraging to me over the years, and I'm honored to be recognized by such a talented group of individuals. The competition was fierce! Congrats to Toile and Trouble too!

I love so many of the other wardrobes. I wish that we could all share virtual closets. Maybe in the future...

Thanks to Sigrid for her outstanding work in managing the contest, and to Deepika for the generous prizes. I can't wait to take a class!

Original Post:

I decided to enter's mini-wardrobe contest which ends today!  The challenge was to make 5 items in one month that could be combined to make 6 different looks.

You know that time of year when it is still hot enough for short sleeves, but chilly in the morning, and the leaves start turning colors? The perfect time of year to go for long walks, and sit outside at cafes enjoying time with friends. It's my favorite time of year! That is feeling that I'm trying to create with my Autumn Berry Wardrobe. 

 So, I made a dress, a skirt, pair of pants, a top and a sweater.   I switched out the accessories- boots, shoes, necklaces and purses. to try to make the looks a little more distinctive. Here are my 6 looks

Look #1.  Orchid sueded silk top from McCalls 6711 with wool skirt from Vogue 1082

Look #2.  Raw Silk dress with Learther armbands from Butterick 6066.

Look #3.  Orchid top and Wool pants from Hot Patterns 1139

Look #4  Cocoon Wrap from Butterick 6065 with Orchid sueded silk top from McCalls 6711 with wool skirt from Vogue 1086

Look #5
Cocoon Wrap from Butterick 6065 with Raw Silk dress from Buterick 6066

Look #6. 
Cocoon Wrap from Butterick 6065 with Orchid top and Wool pants from Hot Patterns 1139

I had so much fun doing this challenge.  It really energized my sewing, and stretched my abilities to the max!  There are so many other beautiful wardrobes entered in the contest that I'm getting lots more ideas for next time! 

 Have you ever entered a sewing contest?  What did you make?

Happy Sewing!



  1. Great wardrobe! I'm sure you'll get much wear out of all the pieces.

    1. Thanks, Melissa! I tried to pick classic pieces that I think will stand the test of time.

  2. Wow! Now you have an entire new wardrobe from just five different pieces! Great look.

  3. I already commented on PatternReview's website, but I will say it again...I love your Berry Wardrobe!!!

    1. Thanks, Vanessa! I appreciate your kind words.

  4. Really lovely! The colors and the style suit you to a T.

  5. Great mini wardrobe. The colours are fabulous and you are all set for autumn. Good luck in the comp.

  6. so pretty!! I love every piece. The wardrobe contests are fun! I've entered a few of them, never won, of course, but it's fun and inspirational.

  7. Thank you Ellen! This is my second wardrobe contest. I did my first one back in 2009. The first one had a lot more pieces, I think 10 or 12! This one was much more manageable to do.

  8. Great job! This is what I call a mini wardrobe. You are set for any occasion!

  9. You won! Great job, Mom! Wine and cheese celebration required over labor day!

    1. Thank you, Serena! I look forward to the celebration!

  10. Congratulations, a much deserved win!
    The pieces you have chosen, the combinations of colour and texture, and the little details that make each piece totally unique to you are fabulous.
    Beautiful fit too. Enjoy wearing your Autumn Berry wardrobe; I agree the colours suit you so well.


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