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V-Neck Tunics from BurdaStyle 10/2017/127

In BurdaStyle's October issue, there was a loose-fitting tunic in the plus section that caught my eye.  It looked super simple, and stylish, and I had a couple of short cuts of wools that I could envision it made out of- it just takes 1-3/4 yards.

The first was a remnant of a nubby wool sweater knit. It started out white, but to make it work with my First Frost capsule wardrobe plan, I dyed it this very pale blue.  I just used the regular RIT dye from the store, and it worked great.  One thing that helps with dying a wool fabric is adding white vinegar to the dye bath to help with the dye uptake.

Simplicity 8470 Hooded Wool Coat

Baby, it's cold outside!  If you're in the northern hemisphere, you likely agree.  We've had some crazy sub-zero temperatures, haven't we?  But what better excuse than to make a cozy new coat!  This time, I chose a gorgeous dusty lavender wool/cashmere blend from Fabric Mart to make Simplicity 8470. This is the culminating piece for my First Frost capsule wardrobe plan!

The reason that I chose this pattern was pure and simple- it had a hood!  I'm so surprised that very few coat patterns come with hoods!  Sure, hats are good, but when it is really cold and windy, nothing beats the protection of a hood.

Velour Bellavista Top and other Odds and Ends

Happy 2018!!!  My 2018 started out by missing our 6 am flight at the Denver Airport and having to wait 8 hours for the next one with a cold and sinus infection.  Uggh!  I think that I now have a broken eardrum too.  But, like having it rain on your wedding day, I am thinking that starting out the New Year with a few bumps should make for smooth sailing the rest of the year.

I can't think of a better way to start my sewing New Year than by reviewing a beautiful, beautiful pattern that I think everyone will love- the Bellavista Top  from Itch to Stitch designs.  Bellavista means "Beautiful View" in Italian, and I think that the name fits the style.

Dreamy Cat Bed Simplicity 8284

I have two cats- a brother/sister pair that are 13 years old.  I've been ordering cat nip filled mice from The Creative Mind on Etsy for the last few years for their Christmas presents.  These are awesome by the way!  Very durable and way better catnip than the toys that you can buy at the big box stores.

But, I saw this pattern from Simplicity last year, 8284, that got me thinking that I could sew a little homemade something for them this year. 

Bell Sleeve Tops- Butterick 6486

For my next pair of woven fabrics in my First Frost Wardrobe capsule, I decided that I needed to wave my hat to the current crazy sleeve trend, by making a couple of bell sleeve tops.  I had two very lightweight fabrics with great drape- a patchwork synthetic blend, and a silk crepe de chine with a burn out velvet border.  Doesn't that sound good enough to eat?

Butterick 6417 Suede Finish Blouses

I've gotten quite a good start on my First Frost Wardrobe Capsule.  I decided to start with the woven blouse fabrics, because sometimes I lose steam over the course of making a capsule, and the woven fabrics are always the last chosen, and thus often orphaned!  So, to start, I chose two sueded polyester blouse fabrics that I had recently picked up from Fabric Mart.  One in a dusty teal, and the other in a dusty rose.