Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Amazing Ottobre Woman Index 2006-2015

If you are a long time Ottobre Woman subscriber, you probably know the feeling of going through all of your old issues to find just the right style to suit you at a particular moment  It can be a little confusing, flipping back and forth, comparing one thing to another.

Alice Hall from Abilene, TX  has come up with a solution!  She has taken the time to compile all of the Ottobre line drawings from 2006-2015 by specific garment type.  It's fantastic!  Now I can just thumb through this, instead of going through 10 years of magazines!  She's organized it by garment type, fabric type and even by sleeve type!  Alice has given me permission to share her work with you.  She would like for everyone who is interested to have access to the index so they can see how great Ottobre patterns are!  Here are a couple of pages from it for you to see, but there are many, many more!

Alice created it in Powerpoint because it is easy to move photos around. You can find the Powerpoint file here.  If you have Powerpoint, you can save a copy to your computer and make changes to reflect the issues that you own.  If you don't have Powerpoint, I've converted her original file to a PDF file, and you can download the PDF file here.

If you want to print it, just be sure to select Landscape mode as the pages are laid out horizontally. There are 34 pages.

Many thanks to Alice for the many hours that she spent compiling this information!  Alice doesn't have a blog herself, but if you'd like to leave her a comment here, I'll make sure she sees it!

Happy Sewing!


Sunday, October 4, 2015

Super Stash Busting Sunday

Have you heard of SABLE?  Stash Accumulation Beyond Life Expectancy?  Well, I've achieved it. If you'd like to take some beautiful fabrics off of my hands for a good price, please check out the fabrics below.  If you click on the links below the photos it should take you to my Google photo albums for each group.  For some reason, the links don't work from the Bloglovin reader, but they do if you are on the blog directly.

Each group has at least 10 items in it, which the descriptions and prices included.  All are good quality apparel fabrics- many are just colors that I've decided aren't the best for me, or too similar to other fabrics that I also have in my stash.

Price varies, but average of $10/yard.  Free shipping to US included for orders of 3 or more pieces.  Please send me your address for postage quotes for 1-2 pieces ,or if you are out of the US.  E-mail me at sewbaby at sewbaby dot com if you would like to order any of these fabrics.


If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!

Happy Shopping!


Thursday, October 1, 2015

Off to Bangladesh with Butterick 4238

Certain people think that I am like Samantha in "Bewitched", and can just wiggle my nose; and voila-  a garment appears!  Those certain people would be: my adult daughters.

My youngest daughter left for 6 week work trip to Bangladesh this morning, and yesterday morning, she picked out her fabric and pattern for me to make her a work appropriate tunic for that part of the world.  So, I didn't get a photo of her in it, but I did manage to snap a few on the dress form.   She chose this lavender and green ikat print from SewBaby, and Butterick 4238.

This is an out of print pattern, but with the asymmetrical hemlines, I think it still is very current.  I made View B, and the body pieces are cut on the bias, which I think looked pretty interesting with the ikat print.  It only took 2 yards which is pretty great for a long sleeve tunic cut on the bias!  I raised the neckline about 1 inch, per her request, and I also raised the spot on the pattern where the side slits start.

Here's a back view for you.  I feel like the back has some odd fullness in it that is related to the fabric being on the bias.  When she gets back, I'd like to tweak that a bit- perhaps but in some waist darts.

I approached the neckline with a little trepidation because of the bias issue as well, but it actually lays pretty nicely.  It's finished with a facing.

I just love the fabric.  It is currently on sale at SewBaby here, if you are interested as well.

I hope that she gets a lot of use out of it on her trip.  In Bangladesh, women dress very modestly, but the clothing is also very colorful.  She says that most women wear beautiful clothing, even while doing work such as farming.  It's funny that it's kind of the opposite here- so many people are wearing blue jeans when working in offices. 

While she is there, she intends to order some custom made sets.  Apparently, you can get complete sets that include a tunic, scarf, and pants for under $25!  And made to fit you as well!

Have you seen Vogue's new patterns?  There is one that would have been just ideal for what she wanted, Vogue 9159.  It is designed for knits though, which might be a little warm for Bangladesh- I think most of their tunics are rayon.  But, I'm putting it on my wishlist anyway!

Do you like this style of tunic?  I do, but I have yet to make myself something like it.  And, do you have certain people who think you are magic and can make something in a blink of an eye?

Happy Sewing!

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