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Monday, August 13, 2012

Vogue 1313 DKNY Dress

Vogue 1313 is in the new releases from Vogue for fall, and I decided to try to get ahead of the game, and make it now before fall actually gets here!  There were several things that I liked about the pattern- the exposed zipper, the pockets, the fact that you could take it from warm to cool weather by adding a pullover and some tights, and that is is knit, which translates to "something I can sew FAST!". 

There are a lot of extra details in this pattern that I did not do because I had chosen this print as my main fabric.  For example, there are some fancy topstitching designs to go at the shoulder, and topstitching at all of the seam lines, that just would not have shown up with my print.  The fabric, by the way, is a Maggy London Double Knit that I got here.  It is super soft, and feels wonderful next to my skin.

 Here's a closer view of the zipper, and pocket area. The directions use a separating zipper, but the notions list doesn't tell you to get one that is separating.  I don't see why it needs to be separating, other than it might make it a little easier to do the exposed zipper part of it.  I had one that was a little longer than the required length, and just cut it off to fit the front length.

Oh, and speaking of length.  I added 3" to the overall length, and it hits me right above the knee.  The pockets are great.  They have a facing made out of the main fabric, so that you don't see them when you sit down.

Here is the back view.  Nothing special from the back.  The upper bodice is lined, and I just used a regular lining fabric for it.  Even though the pattern calls for knits, it's not close fitting anywhere, so I think that you could use a non-stretch fabric too. 

I'm really happy with how it turned out.  It is just incredibly comfortable, practical, and stylish all in one.  I highly recommend this pattern!


  1. What a cute dress that looks so chic and oh so comfy!

  2. Love your smart new dress. It's perfect without the extras. The fabric is gorgeous and it fits you well.

  3. Great looking dress. I like the fabric combo you used. I'll bet it is super comfortable!

  4. I really like this on you and I love the fabric choice. Nicely done!

  5. Great fabric choices, the dress looks fantastic on you.

  6. I really like the black side panels. A great make!

  7. I like yours better than Vogues - great fabric choice - you look fabulous!

  8. Hi Ann! I love your dress! This is one of the patterns I ordered recently, I can't believe you already made yours!

  9. Such a great dress. I love your fabric choices. I have had my eye on that pattern. Personally I stay so chilled in the fall and winter I would always have to have a sweater or jacket on with it. You inspire me to get this pattern on next sale.


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